Pop Daddy – Real White Cheddar Flavored Popcorn 6.0oz

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Pop Daddy White Cheddar Flavor Popcorn

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  • Real cheese? As in the kind that comes straight from the cow? Yup! You read that correctly. Nothing artificial. No preservatives. Just real-deal cheese. This is a popcorn you can shovel into your mouth by the fistful and still feel absolutely OK about! So go ahead and start shoveling!

Real cheese? As in the kind that comes straight from the cow? Yup! You read that correctly. Nothing artificial. No preservatives. Just real-deal cheese. This is a popcorn you can shovel into your mouth by the fistful and still feel absolutely OK about! So go ahead and start shoveling!

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Weight 6.0 oz
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 13 in
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101 reviews for Pop Daddy – Real White Cheddar Flavored Popcorn 6.0oz

  1. Michael Essig (Verified Purchase)

  2. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    almost no cheddar flavor. added my own cheddar powder

    • Tracy Carmody (store manager)

      Oh no! We hate to hear this. What is your email address to discuss this further?

  3. Susan J. (Verified Purchase)

    Everything is great

  4. Thomas Ferguson (Verified Purchase)

  5. Sandra Frame (Verified Purchase)

    Love these as well!!!$

  6. Ashlyn (Verified Purchase)

  7. Kim Craig (Verified Purchase)

  8. Dorothy (Verified Purchase)

  9. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  10. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  11. Kim (Verified Purchase)

    Delicious! 100% recommend if you like white cheddar popcorn!!

  12. Kristie (Verified Purchase)

  13. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)


  14. Carl (Verified Purchase)

  15. David S. (Verified Purchase)

  16. Nancy T. (Verified Purchase)

    Great popcorn, very mild flavor

  17. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Popcorn was all burnt and tasted that way. Smelled burnt also!

  18. Edward Erickson (Verified Purchase)

  19. Andrew Rommann (Verified Purchase)

  20. Katie (Verified Purchase)

  21. Jim Ann Petroski (Verified Purchase)

  22. Twila (Verified Purchase)

    This is my son’s favorite, I like it too.

  23. Lauren Daigle (Verified Purchase)

  24. margie (Verified Purchase)

  25. Rico Potts (Verified Purchase)

  26. Samantha W. (Verified Purchase)

    It taste like white cheddar popcorn not overpowering in flavor.

  27. Jennifer Orr (Verified Purchase)

  28. Christina G. (Verified Purchase)

    Love this popcorn!

  29. Ron Scott (Verified Purchase)

  30. Derek (Verified Purchase)

  31. Rachel M. (Verified Purchase)

  32. Gayle Trevithick (Verified Purchase)

    Score higher if I could

  33. Amanda H. (Verified Purchase)

  34. Tina B. (Verified Purchase)

  35. Lisa E. (Verified Purchase)

  36. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Best cheddar popcorn I’ve tried

  37. Sandra Frame (Verified Purchase)

  38. Jayme Mundy (Verified Purchase)

  39. Melissa (Verified Purchase)

  40. Marie B. (Verified Purchase)

  41. Robin S. (Verified Purchase)

  42. Tracy Brown (Verified Purchase)

  43. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  44. Felicia F. (Verified Purchase)

    can’t wait to try

  45. Frank Z. (Verified Purchase)

    We have ordered about 5 times from PopDaddy and I would highly recommend them favors are great for both the pretzel and popcorn the original flavor and white cheddar are your favorite fast shipping too we ordered at 4 Pm on Wednesday got our order Friday afternoon Wow

  46. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Haven’t tried yet

  47. Shirley P. (Verified Purchase)

  48. Keon K. (Verified Purchase)

  49. Janiece LeVeck (Verified Purchase)

    Good not real cheesy tasting

  50. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Flavor is great but the majority of the popcorn is burned which is not making it as enjoyable as I would have hoped.

  51. Toni Perreira (Verified Purchase)

  52. Amanda G. (Verified Purchase)

  53. Dave Fazzari (Verified Purchase)

  54. Kevin Oshaughnessy (Verified Purchase)

  55. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    small kernels, no flavor

  56. Michael Bone (Verified Purchase)

  57. Scott Brown (Verified Purchase)

  58. Tara (Verified Purchase)

  59. Linda J. (Verified Purchase)

  60. Lynn B. (Verified Purchase)

    Both bags of popcorn arrived with mostly burnt popcorn. Tiny kernels as well, I’m disappointed as I consider myself a bit of a cheese popcorn connoisseur.

    Image #1 from Lynn B.
    Image #2 from Lynn B.
  61. DOUG H. (Verified Purchase)

  62. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  63. Susan W. (Verified Purchase)

  64. Lindsay Z. (Verified Purchase)

    Great flavor, it has a great cheese flavor but doesn’t leave residue on your fingers (like the black bag of popcorn at stores) does

  65. Kiana S. (Verified Purchase)

    It has a more mellow cheddar flavor that allows you to keep eating it.

  66. MEGHAN H. (Verified Purchase)

  67. M (Verified Purchase)

  68. Amber Miller (Verified Purchase)

  69. kathleen J. (Verified Purchase)

  70. Nicole Hakim Yohn (Verified Purchase)

    Not only is the cheddar excellent, the flavor of the popcorn comes through! It’s the best I’ve ever tasted!

  71. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  72. Amy M. (Verified Purchase)

  73. Crystal D. (Verified Purchase)

    Great crunch on the popcorn. Was surprised by the small kernels but I really like that. Keeps a nice softer crunch

  74. Lori D. (Verified Purchase)

    Love them

  75. Ellie Linton (Verified Purchase)

    I’m not sure if the popcorn is supposed to be Burnt? But mine is has black kernels and taste bad 🙁

  76. Stephanie (Verified Purchase)

  77. Kim (Verified Purchase)

    Love it

  78. Rylee G. (Verified Purchase)

    Nasty kerns, just tasted burnt

  79. Nonna R. (Verified Purchase)

  80. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  81. Stephen (Verified Purchase)

  82. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Popcorn tasted burnt and couldn’t taste any flavor – I bought 3 bags hoping I’d love it. Ick!

  83. Josh D. (Verified Purchase)

  84. Jenny Smith (Verified Purchase)

    Good, Cheddar wasn’t that bold

  85. Briana (Verified Purchase)

    Definitely my fave popcorn so far! Besides the cheese taste, the flavors are so complex and fresh. I don’t know how else to describe it!

  86. Susan (Verified Purchase)

  87. Lindsay Schnobrich (Verified Purchase)

  88. Kathleen (Verified Purchase)

  89. Roger B. (Verified Purchase)

    Cheese tends to overwhelm popcorn’s natural flavor and sometimes gives it an off taste or aftertaste, but Pop Daddy’s white cheddar popcorn does none of that. It’s simply good popcorn in Pop Daddy’s tradition, albeit a popcorn tradition that is less than two decades old.

  90. Loretta (Verified Purchase)

    I was really ,really,really and truly disappointed &dissatisfied with the white cheddar popcorn. This was among the worst I have ever had. And that’s saying alot, as I am a huge white cheddar popcorn lover. When ever possible, I sample new brands of cheddar popcorn. I was expecting more from PopDaddy – I recently was introduced to the brand via the assorted pretzel flavors -( hence my large order)but, this popcorn was AWFUL and BAD.
    While there was no money back guarantee, I wish I could have a refund.
    Actually- may I have a refund on the white cheddar popcorn. Truly tasted burnt and without cheddar flavor.

  91. George Richards (Verified Purchase)

    What I love about this flavor is that it is evenly distributed on the popcorn throughout the bag. Not caked up on the corn, nor do you have to go looking for the cheddar taste. Just right and flavorful.

  92. Jackson Pajich (Verified Purchase)

  93. Carrie C. (Verified Purchase)

  94. Jennifer L. (Verified Purchase)

    I wish the kernels were larger.

  95. Cale Dillard (Verified Purchase)

  96. FRANCO DIACO (Verified Purchase)

  97. Lindsay Z. (Verified Purchase)

    Great flavor!

  98. Amy Scott (Verified Purchase)

    Love the crunching of the popcorn but could use a little more flavor

  99. Ashley B. (Verified Purchase)


  100. Alora Lupo (Verified Purchase)

  101. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Not very good. The popcorn tastes burnt and not a strong cheddar flavor.

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