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Garlic Parmesan Seasoned Pretzels
Garlic Parmesan Seasoned Pretzels

This likely combo is one that leaves you wanting to lick your fingers to get every last little bit of flavor. Our hand-seasoned batches ensure that every pretzel stick is layered in the goodness that is garlic and Parmesan.




How We Got Started

Pop Daddy was born out of the passion—some would say obsession—that Pop Daddy Snacks Founder’s Mark and Erin Sarafa had for microwave popcorn. Mark and his family were eating microwave popcorn almost every evening when he decided to do some research. When he learned about the chemicals used in microwave popcorn, he realized he needed to find a new, healthier way to feed his family’s addiction!

Mark bought a large popcorn machine and started experimenting with different kernels and flavors in his basement, passing out his popcorn to friends, family, and neighbors. Since you are reading this on Pop Daddy’s website, you may have already guessed that the popcorn was a big hit!

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Mark and Erin were thrilled the popcorn was so popular, and after two years of giving away his popcorn for free, his wife Erin, and two kids, J.T. and Grace, suggested he sell it. In 2013, Pop Daddy became Mark’s full-time job, with the idea of Bold Snacks made with Big Heart becoming the backbone of the company. Soon after, with no income, Pop Daddy Snacks was able to get licensed as a food manufacturer in an old bakery in Highland, MI. Because there were little sales to speak of, Pop Daddy Snacks could not afford the rent. So, with an ad on CraigsList, they secured 3 tenants to share the rent in the 1,200 square foot bakery. “In one facility, we had cookies, pies, salsa, BBQ Sauce, and of course, popcorn being produced. It was not a great place to work if you were trying to lose weight” claimed Mark.

In 2015, Pop Daddy Snacks moved out of the bakery and into 4,500 sqft in Whitmore Lake, MI. They soon doubled their space to 9,100 sq ft by taking over the connected space. Today, Pop Daddy Snacks pops, seasons, and distributes over 30 items out of 14,500 square feet in Whitmore Lake.

In 2018, our Seasoned Pretzel business was born when Erin’s cousin was visiting from Iowa and brought over a nicely packaged Tupperware of her homemade seasoned pretzels as a gift. The Family loved them and began making them at home for personal consumption. Mark brought some to work and the Pop Daddy Employees loved them so much, they convinced Mark to package and sell them. According to Mark “Pop Daddy Snacks embodies our motto of Bold Snacks made with Big Heart. The sales of seasoned pretzels took a while to get going, but now are a staple in the pantry of many families”.

Today in 2021, Pop Daddy Snacks offer 10 unique popcorn flavors along with 8 Bold and Unique Seasoned Pretzel Flavors. You can find them in over 4,000 retail locations in the US and over 2,000 locations throughout Canada.

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