Pop Daddy – Smoked Gouda Seasoned Pretzels 7.5oz

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Pop Daddy – Smoked Gouda Seasoned Pretzels 7.5oz

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Smoked Gouda is a buttery, creamy smooth pretzel with salty notes. And well, just plain ole’ nutty. Smoked Gouda cheese is smoked in brick ovens over flaming hickory chips. Did you know Smoked Gouda cheese is best served at room temperature? We are one step ahead with this salty snack straight off the shelf, room temperature and all, this will practically melt in your mouth.

Smoked Gouda is a buttery, creamy smooth pretzel with salty notes. And well, just plain ole’ nutty. Smoked Gouda cheese is smoked in brick ovens over flaming hickory chips. Did you know Smoked Gouda cheese is best served at room temperature? We are one step ahead with this salty snack straight off the shelf, room temperature and all, this will practically melt in your mouth.

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163 reviews for Pop Daddy – Smoked Gouda Seasoned Pretzels 7.5oz

  1. christian

    these are the most amazing pretzels ever love love love em

  2. Megan

    Sooo…I’m not going to lie, these tasted a little different when I first tried them. I ate a few, then a few more, and then realized half the bag was gone! The flavor is unique, but I find them very tasty(and hard to put down)! These are in my top 3 of all the flavors!

  3. Shonda Marie

    I’ve never had Gouda cheese before so I didn’t know what to expect. I Love the them. They’re nice with a sandwich.

  4. Donna Black

    I love Gouda cheese so I was excited to try these pretzels. I ate the first one and thought I’m not sure if I like this. Second pretzel, hmmm I kind of like the smoky flavor. Five or six more pretzels and I am grabbing a bowl and filling it with pretzels, smacking my lips and licking my fingers. These pretzels are addictive. I have tried every flavor and this is one of my top three favorites. Honestly the only flavor I didn’t like was Hot Sauce. Give these a try, you will fall in love.

  5. William (Verified Purchase)

    I discovered these in Wisconsin and could not find them locally in California. I bought a bag because I love gouda cheese and was instantly addicted. I brought a few bags home and everyone that tried them gobbled them up. They’re so tasty and addicting and now I’m buying in bulk with my friends.

  6. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Love the Gouda flavor!

  7. Carol (Verified Purchase)

    Love these! Great tasting! My favorite of all flavors!

  8. Kimberly Randall (Verified Purchase)

  9. Nancy P. (Verified Purchase)

  10. Antoinette (Verified Purchase)

    great flavor

  11. Alan (Verified Purchase)

  12. Pamela (Verified Purchase)

  13. Alison Blass (Verified Purchase)

  14. Teresa (Verified Purchase)

  15. Savannah Waldrop (Verified Purchase)

  16. Naomi D. (Verified Purchase)

  17. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  18. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  19. Genevra Hamilton (Verified Purchase)

  20. Shari (Verified Purchase)

    Absolutely my favorite so far:)

  21. Nicole B. (Verified Purchase)

    Our 5 year old LOVES these pretzels

  22. Judith (Verified Purchase)

    Very good flavor, but not my favorite

  23. Laurie M. (Verified Purchase)

  24. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  25. Don (Verified Purchase)

    My favorite!!!

  26. David S. (Verified Purchase)

    My absolute favorite! So. Much. Flavor!

  27. Dina D. (Verified Purchase)

  28. Jeanie (Verified Purchase)

    These are fast becoming one of our favorites – along with the mustart and dill pickle.

  29. Shelly t. (Verified Purchase)

    These are SO delicious! My new favorite pretzels!!

  30. Jessica B. (Verified Purchase)

  31. Craig Olson (Verified Purchase)

  32. Diane A. (Verified Purchase)

    Nice flavor that isn’t overwhelming. Yum!

  33. Kathleen (Verified Purchase)

  34. Edward Erickson (Verified Purchase)

  35. Debra (Verified Purchase)

  36. Andrew Rommann (Verified Purchase)

  37. Katie (Verified Purchase)

  38. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  39. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  40. DARRELL (Verified Purchase)


  41. William G. (Verified Purchase)

  42. Michael (Verified Purchase)

    Great flavor.

  43. Savannah W. (Verified Purchase)

  44. JC Irons (Verified Purchase)

  45. Susan P. (Verified Purchase)

    These are delicious but I don’t like them as much as the other flavors. Just a little too smoky for me.

  46. Vincent (Verified Purchase)

  47. Rico Potts (Verified Purchase)

  48. Samantha W. (Verified Purchase)

    Very strong smell and great taste. Was not fond of the after taste.

  49. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  50. Jennifer Orr (Verified Purchase)

  51. Rebecca M. (Verified Purchase)

    Love this flavor.

  52. Rico Potts (Verified Purchase)

    The reason why I order. These are more than awesome

  53. Barbara B. (Verified Purchase)

    These pretzels are the BEST! Wish I could buy them locally, but I just bought more to make the minimum charge for free delivery. I know we will be ordering them again. I’d like to be notified if there is a sale like this $3 sale again. Please keep me on your email list!

  54. Lori Allen (Verified Purchase)

  55. Laura V. (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing flavor!! Household fav!!

  56. Hilary Green (Verified Purchase)

  57. Tanya D. (Verified Purchase)

    These are amazing

  58. Terri W. (Verified Purchase)

  59. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  60. darhill2002 (Verified Purchase)

    I love these Pretzels! There is so much flavor!

  61. Briana L. (Verified Purchase)

    I found these at an ‘out of the way’ little mountain gas station and they are AMAZING! So glad I can order online as I can’t find anywhere else. Try these!! You won’t regret it!! Fast shipping too!

  62. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Would give these a 10 if I could. LOVE THEM!

  63. Mark Stillman (Verified Purchase)

  64. David Salcido (Verified Purchase)

    The Smoked Gouda pretzels were the first I tasted and are still my absolute favorite. This after trying most of the others, which all still rate pretty high in my book. So much flavor. I can’t get enough of them!

  65. Dawn Hart (Verified Purchase)

  66. Julie (Verified Purchase)

    Very flavorful and crunchy.

  67. Tina B. (Verified Purchase)

  68. Richard Bailey (Verified Purchase)

  69. Gena A. (Verified Purchase)


  70. Lisa E. (Verified Purchase)

  71. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  72. Melissa (Verified Purchase)

  73. Kaitlyn Langston (Verified Purchase)

    These are incredible!

  74. William B. (Verified Purchase)

    Good taste

  75. Barbara Burt (Verified Purchase)

    Favorite is still the smoked gouda!

  76. Tiffany C. (Verified Purchase)

    *See above comment *

  77. Robin S. (Verified Purchase)

  78. William L Baldwin (Verified Purchase)

    Flavor is great

  79. Trent (Verified Purchase)


  80. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  81. David S. (Verified Purchase)

    These pretzels + my mouth = a bacchanal of flavor!

  82. Felicia F. (Verified Purchase)

    can’t wait to try

  83. Cynthia Gendron (Verified Purchase)

  84. Tyrone (Verified Purchase)

    The smoked gouda pretzels taste great. I received the pretzels timely.

  85. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  86. Jacqueline Langston (Verified Purchase)

  87. Vince C. (Verified Purchase)

  88. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Haven’t tried yet

  89. Shirley P. (Verified Purchase)

  90. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)


  91. Joel M. (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent flavour that is unique to Pop Daddy.

  92. Bernice Q. (Verified Purchase)


  93. Heidi G. (Verified Purchase)

    Love my pop daddy pretzels

  94. Linda Woda (Verified Purchase)

    Smoked Gouda is Great Flavor.

  95. TRACY P. (Verified Purchase)

    Best pretzels….ever!!!

  96. Amanda G. (Verified Purchase)

  97. Patti M. (Verified Purchase)

  98. Nancy Smith (Verified Purchase)

  99. Rhonda Pinkerton (Verified Purchase)

    I don’t have it!

  100. Holly M. (Verified Purchase)

  101. Dave Fazzari (Verified Purchase)

  102. David Salcido (Verified Purchase)

    OMG! So delicious! My tastebuds are doing a conga of delight!

  103. Gail (Verified Purchase)

    Ordered more. Great cheese flavor!

  104. Patrick (Verified Purchase)

  105. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    wonderful flavor

  106. John Speer (Verified Purchase)

  107. John D. (Verified Purchase)

    Hubby’s favorite!

  108. Nonna R. (Verified Purchase)

    Delicious smokey flavor, and the cheese really comes through. Eat them with the Dill Pickle, what a great combination.

  109. Dean (Verified Purchase)

  110. Tara (Verified Purchase)

  111. Alexander Vincent (Verified Purchase)

  112. Lynn B. (Verified Purchase)

    Delicious! My second time ordering!

  113. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  114. Wes H. (Verified Purchase)

    Best pretzel ever!

  115. Catherine Attara-Fink (Verified Purchase)


  116. Stephen Wood (Verified Purchase)

  117. bernice (Verified Purchase)

  118. TaKisha (Verified Purchase)

  119. Holly A. (Verified Purchase)


  120. Kiana S. (Verified Purchase)

    It’s has an amazing smoked Gouda flavor. The smoked rap is very rich but not overpowering and the cheese isn’t very pungent. One of my personal favorites.

  121. Michael Daugherty (Verified Purchase)

  122. MARIE BAUMGART (Verified Purchase)

    Gift. Don’t know if delivered

  123. Robert Funderburg (Verified Purchase)

    Well worth the price . They are popular and hard to find.

  124. Amber Miller (Verified Purchase)

  125. kathleen J. (Verified Purchase)

  126. Michelle J. (Verified Purchase)

  127. Hunter Mueggenborg (Verified Purchase)

  128. Darby R. (Verified Purchase)

    It was good

  129. Stephen Wood (Verified Purchase)

  130. Mary S. (Verified Purchase)

  131. Lori D. (Verified Purchase)

    Love them

  132. Stephanie (Verified Purchase)

  133. Rylee G. (Verified Purchase)

    Exactly like Gouda cheese

  134. Nonna R. (Verified Purchase)

  135. Elaine Conte (Verified Purchase)

  136. jamie t. (Verified Purchase)

  137. William B. (Verified Purchase)

    Pretty good

  138. Jessica (Verified Purchase)

  139. Tyler H. (Verified Purchase)

  140. Susan (Verified Purchase)

  141. Lindsay Schnobrich (Verified Purchase)

    Could taste the Gouda!!!!

  142. Steff (Verified Purchase)

    Hands down the best flavor of pretzels I’ve ever had. This started it all. Got these in a random box of goodies and I’ve been hooked since. Thank you.

    Image #1 from Steff
  143. Owen B. (Verified Purchase)

  144. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Very good

  145. Yolanda Lopez (Verified Purchase)

  146. Jackson Pajich (Verified Purchase)

    The best and most flavorful pretzels I’ve ever had

  147. Luree Carpenter (Verified Purchase)

  148. Carrie C. (Verified Purchase)

  149. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  150. Shawn Savage (Verified Purchase)

  151. Marcia K Langellier (Verified Purchase)


  152. Joy (Verified Purchase)

  153. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  154. FRANCO DIACO (Verified Purchase)

  155. Renee G. (Verified Purchase)

  156. Beth L. (Verified Purchase)

  157. Jennifer (Verified Purchase)

    Haven’t tried yet.

  158. Eliza (Verified Purchase)

    Its not bad, its just not for me. I thought I like the flavor of smoked gouda, but I think I just like it mixed in things. My brother liked these!

    Bb 071524 lot:35323 19:45:51

  159. Sandy Antonelli (Verified Purchase)

  160. Jamie Dershem (Verified Purchase)

    Wonderful Smokey cheese flavor.

  161. Alora Lupo (Verified Purchase)

  162. Barbara Streiber (Verified Purchase)

    They are also great.

  163. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

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