Pop Daddy – Beer Cheese Seasoned Pretzels 7.5oz

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Pop Daddy – Perrin Beer Cheese Seasoned Pretzels 7.5oz

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When in doubt Beer & Cheese! These pretzels are a delicious blend of real cheese seasoning, and the aromas of a cold craft brew. A match made in all the right ways.  Plus the resealable bag makes it easy to keep them fresh and full of flavor.  That is if you don't eat the entire bag, and in that case, we suggest you buy more! 

When in doubt Beer & Cheese! These pretzels are a delicious blend of real cheese seasoning, and the aromas of a cold craft brew. A match made in all the right ways.  Plus the resealable bag makes it easy to keep them fresh and full of flavor.  That is if you don’t eat the entire bag, and in that case, we suggest you buy more! 

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Weight 7.5 oz
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124 reviews for Pop Daddy – Beer Cheese Seasoned Pretzels 7.5oz

  1. Brad C

    My favorite flavor. These are AMAZING!

  2. Megan

    These taste just like the good pub beer cheese you get in restaurants. Pop Daddy pretzels are always fresh and crisp, with a hint of butter…the beer cheese just adds another layer of tasty flavor!

  3. Rob

    I discovered these at a truckstop in Dateland, Arizona and bought on a whim.
    They are delicious and while I’m a big fan of Dot’s, these hit on a different level. By far the best cheese flavored pretzels that I’ve tried.

  4. William Santmyre

    I just finished a 7.5 oz. bag. My wife and I picked these up in Michigan on one of our weekenders.
    I can tell you this, from the first bite all the way through to the hand full of crumbs when you get to the bottom of the bag when it’s empty, is just delicious bold Beer Cheese flavor. For myself, I couldn’t put it down until it was empty.

  5. Colleen

    Taste awesome. You can really taste the beer cheese.

  6. Carol (Verified Purchase)

    Arrived fast, not all broken! Great experience! Will definitely order again!

  7. Kimberly Randall (Verified Purchase)

  8. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  9. Thomas Ferguson (Verified Purchase)

  10. Sanda (Verified Purchase)

    Tasty, maybe a bit too salty

  11. Teresa (Verified Purchase)

  12. Savannah Waldrop (Verified Purchase)

  13. Naomi D. (Verified Purchase)

  14. Genevra Hamilton (Verified Purchase)

  15. Shari (Verified Purchase)

  16. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  17. Joyce B. (Verified Purchase)

    These pretzels are pretty good. When we have a get together, I usually put these and the garlic parmesan out with several dips I make and they go really fast. I must also say I love how fast these pretzels are delivered.

  18. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  19. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    It was okay

  20. David S. (Verified Purchase)

  21. Jeanie (Verified Purchase)

    Beer cheese pretzels with beer!! YUMMM

  22. Craig Olson (Verified Purchase)

  23. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)


  24. Diane A. (Verified Purchase)

    Crunchy and great taste. Love these!

  25. Kathleen (Verified Purchase)

  26. Andrew Rommann (Verified Purchase)

  27. Katie (Verified Purchase)

  28. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  29. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  30. jeffrey s. (Verified Purchase)

  31. ERIC M. (Verified Purchase)

  32. William G. (Verified Purchase)

  33. Michael (Verified Purchase)

    Bag was totally crushed.

  34. Savannah W. (Verified Purchase)

  35. JC Irons (Verified Purchase)

  36. Susan P. (Verified Purchase)

    This is the flavor I was first introduced to while visiting Corning, NY. I still love these – and bought two bags instead of one.

  37. Samantha W. (Verified Purchase)

    These are so good. Great flavor. They were a salty cheese goodness. One of my top 5.

  38. Jennifer Orr (Verified Purchase)

  39. Lori Allen (Verified Purchase)

  40. Amanda H. (Verified Purchase)

  41. Richard Bailey (Verified Purchase)

  42. Melissa (Verified Purchase)

  43. Teckla W. (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve not tried these yet but I think it is same as Perrin Beer cheese only in a larger bag. Ingredients look to be about the same anyway. I’m going to give these a 5 too.

  44. Lisa W. (Verified Purchase)

  45. David Campbell (Verified Purchase)

  46. Karen Collier (Verified Purchase)

  47. Jayme Mundy (Verified Purchase)

  48. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  49. Delta N. (Verified Purchase)

    Didn’t get

  50. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  51. Marie B. (Verified Purchase)

  52. Robin S. (Verified Purchase)

  53. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  54. Felicia F. (Verified Purchase)

    can’t wait to try

  55. Cynthia Gendron (Verified Purchase)

  56. Catherine A. (Verified Purchase)

    Love, love, love them!

  57. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  58. Allan K. (Verified Purchase)


  59. Heidi G. (Verified Purchase)

    Love my pop daddy pretzels

  60. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)


  61. Kimberly Z. (Verified Purchase)

    My favorite flavor!

  62. Holly M. (Verified Purchase)

    Pretty good. Just a little to salty

  63. Dave Fazzari (Verified Purchase)

  64. Gail (Verified Purchase)

    Another flavor we order more bags! This flavor is what started our new Pop Daddy addiction!

  65. Patrick (Verified Purchase)

  66. John Speer (Verified Purchase)

  67. Dean (Verified Purchase)

  68. Alexander Vincent (Verified Purchase)

  69. Lisa (Verified Purchase)

    Best pretzels ever!

  70. Lynn B. (Verified Purchase)

  71. Daniel R. (Verified Purchase)

    These are just as good as the garlic Parmesan.

  72. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  73. Wes H. (Verified Purchase)

    Love these!

  74. Lindsay Z. (Verified Purchase)

    Great flavor it has a mild beer flavor to me. But overall great flavoring

  75. Catherine Attara-Fink (Verified Purchase)


  76. Stephen Wood (Verified Purchase)

  77. Lindsay Fast (Verified Purchase)

  78. bernice (Verified Purchase)

  79. TaKisha (Verified Purchase)

  80. MEGHAN H. (Verified Purchase)

  81. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  82. Michael Daugherty (Verified Purchase)

  83. Amber Miller (Verified Purchase)

  84. Michelle J. (Verified Purchase)

  85. Nicole Hakim Yohn (Verified Purchase)

    Every single flavor I’ve had from Pop Daddy has been excellent – I cannot believe how a company can maintain the level of delicious flavors in all their products! This beer cheese pretzel carries on the excellence of this company’s superb quality and deliciousness!

  86. Hunter Mueggenborg (Verified Purchase)

  87. Darby R. (Verified Purchase)

    Not gonna lie my husband and I hated this one not good at all. Just hoping i can find someone i know that will eat this

  88. Mike L. (Verified Purchase)

  89. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  90. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  91. Nicholas King (Verified Purchase)

    My wife’s favorite flavor. She said to mark it a 15 outta 5……. guess that means the best yall have in her eyes.

  92. Lori D. (Verified Purchase)

    Love them

  93. Stephanie (Verified Purchase)

  94. Kim (Verified Purchase)

    Love it

  95. Rylee G. (Verified Purchase)

    The After ruins these.

  96. Nonna R. (Verified Purchase)

  97. David F. (Verified Purchase)

    Their Pretzels are awesome. Bought a package at a small retail store while traveling and when I got home I looked them up online to buy more.

  98. Elaine Conte (Verified Purchase)

  99. Stephen (Verified Purchase)

  100. James Woods (Verified Purchase)

  101. jamie t. (Verified Purchase)

  102. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Still waiting on them

  103. Jessica (Verified Purchase)

  104. Ann Percy (Verified Purchase)

    My favorite go to snack!

  105. Tyler H. (Verified Purchase)

  106. Lindsay Schnobrich (Verified Purchase)

    It’s hard to nail that beer taste but you nailed it !!

  107. Kathleen (Verified Purchase)

  108. Owen B. (Verified Purchase)

  109. Jackson Pajich (Verified Purchase)

    The best and most flavorful pretzels I’ve ever had

  110. Carrie C. (Verified Purchase)

  111. Dawn Winkenwerder (Verified Purchase)

  112. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  113. Shawn Savage (Verified Purchase)

  114. Marcia K Langellier (Verified Purchase)

    Another wonderful one !!!

  115. Theresa (Verified Purchase)

  116. Joy (Verified Purchase)

  117. Jennifer L. (Verified Purchase)

    I wish the sticks were slightly thicker

  118. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  119. FRANCO DIACO (Verified Purchase)

  120. Beth L. (Verified Purchase)

  121. Jennifer (Verified Purchase)

    Haven’t tried yet.

  122. Sandy Antonelli (Verified Purchase)

  123. Jamie Dershem (Verified Purchase)

    Great flavor.

  124. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

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