Pop Daddy – Original Flavor Popcorn Family Size

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Pop Daddy Original Flavor Popcorn Family Size

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Original- Our Original flavor -- what we call “The OG" -- contains only the most simple of ingredients, but the flavor certainly isn't lacking. Starting with our famed non-GMO red kernels, which are sourced from local farms, we then add in pure olive oil, sea salt and voila -- there you have it! Pure and simple. Simply the best.

If our Original bag is the “The OG,” this is the “OG” on steroids. Our motto is sharing is caring and this bag is made for precisely that reason. We add in pure olive oil, sea salt and voila — there you have it! Pure and simple. Simply the best.

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Weight 11.0 oz
Dimensions 24 × 13.5 × 20 in
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66 reviews for Pop Daddy – Original Flavor Popcorn Family Size

  1. Natalie Johnson

    My favorite popcorn in a bigger bag!

  2. Stephen Beidelschies (Verified Purchase)

    We order your popcorn on a regular basis because it is the best out there.

  3. Kimberly Randall (Verified Purchase)

  4. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Such quick delivery! THE BEST POPCORN EVER!

  5. Darlene (Verified Purchase)

    We love your Original Pop Daddy popcorn. It really is delicious.

  6. Janet H. (Verified Purchase)

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your original Pop Daddy popcorn! I always have a stash at home.

  7. Michael Essig (Verified Purchase)

  8. PATRICIA HOLTON (Verified Purchase)

    I love popcorn. I have all my life. Without a doubt – Pop Daddy is THE best popcorn I have ever eaten. My husband agrees. Fresh – crunchy – delicious kernels of high quality popcorn – cooked in a wonderfully healthy method using olive oil. The little ruby red kernels are what give Pop Daddy it’s excellent taste – crunch and eating experience. In today’s world where food is made and processed with less quality and is often cheaply made – – Pop Daddy popcorn is outstanding in every way. Easy to order via the internet or phone. quick delivery. Pop Daddy is spot on delicious.

  9. Debra D. (Verified Purchase)

    I Love your popcorn. No hulls and so flavorful.

  10. John (Verified Purchase)

    My wife has a restricted diet and loves this popcorn.

  11. Dorothy (Verified Purchase)

    Love Pop Daddy original popcorn! So glad I can order it online!

  12. Tammy (Verified Purchase)

    We love this popcorn! Can’t get enough of it!

  13. Stephen Beidelschies (Verified Purchase)

    The original popcorn is the absolute best ever.

  14. Leah G. (Verified Purchase)

    I love popcorn, and Pop Daddy’s Original flavor does not disappoint. Great crunch.

  15. Ron Obenchain (Verified Purchase)

    Love the popcorn!! Excellent communication!! Made me very happy and will order again! Fantastic service! Thank you

  16. Kristie (Verified Purchase)

  17. Michael Essig (Verified Purchase)

  18. Peter H. (Verified Purchase)

  19. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  20. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Best popcorn! Very quick shipping!

  21. Joan (Verified Purchase)

    I love this popcorn so much I order it by the case!

  22. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Absolutely great popcorn!

  23. jeffrey s. (Verified Purchase)

  24. Twila (Verified Purchase)

    This is my favorite favor. I love the olive oil and salt. Mild but very good taste.

  25. Darlene (Verified Purchase)

    We love Pop Daddy Original Flavor Popcorn! Never want to be without it and it’s tasty and crunchy munch.

  26. Michael E. (Verified Purchase)

  27. Ron Scott (Verified Purchase)

    The best!

  28. James (Verified Purchase)

  29. Darlene W. (Verified Purchase)

    Love Pop Daddy Original popcorn!

  30. Larry L. (Verified Purchase)

    Love the family size, very tasty popcorn.

  31. John M. (Verified Purchase)

    We were not notified of a production issue until we sent an email inquiry. It was made right after the inquiry.

  32. Thomas Johnson (Verified Purchase)

    I really enjoyed my purchasing experience with Pop Daddy. Their popcorn is so delicious.

  33. Gabrielle H. (Verified Purchase)

    At no fault of Pop Daddy, the delivery driver squished the box and the popcorn exploded. Contacted customer service and got a prompt response and within a day, the new shipment was sent out in time for our event. The popcorn is delicious and the customer service is awesome. Definitely recommend.

  34. Frank Z. (Verified Purchase)

    We have ordered about 5 times from PopDaddy and I would highly recommend them favors are great for both the pretzel and popcorn the original flavor and white cheddar are your favorite fast shipping too we ordered at 4 Pm on Wednesday got our order Friday afternoon Wow

  35. Bonnie B. (Verified Purchase)

    Only bagged popcorn I’ll eat!

  36. Leah Ghiradella (Verified Purchase)

    This is my favorite brand and type of popcorn. It’s salty, has good texture and mouthfeel, and it tastes great.

  37. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Love pop daddy!

  38. Darlene W. (Verified Purchase)

    We are addicted to Pop Daddy “Original” popcorn…love it!

  39. Jon V. (Verified Purchase)

    Arrived quickly and tastes great! Discovered Pop Daddy when visiting Michigan but they don’t see it where I live so I’ll be placing a regular order to stay stocked up.

  40. nancy P. (Verified Purchase)

    Fast service, my popcorn arrived in a few days. It’s the best!!

  41. John M. (Verified Purchase)

    Delivery was fast and accurate. My wife loves this popcorn!

  42. TERRY DAVIS (Verified Purchase)

    The best popcorn I have ever had

  43. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  44. Darlene W. (Verified Purchase)

    We are addicted to Pop Daddy’s Original flavored popcorn! Love how tasty and fresh every kernel tastes.

  45. Patti M. (Verified Purchase)

    Love this popcorn!!!

  46. Tim Casey (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent value

  47. Merri B. (Verified Purchase)

  48. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Love the family size!!!!

  49. Richard M. (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent popcorn and superb customer service. Thank you!

  50. Kevin Oshaughnessy (Verified Purchase)

  51. Stephen Beidelschies (Verified Purchase)

    The popcorn is the best and the service was great as always.

  52. Nancy P. (Verified Purchase)

    Fast delivery! My most favorite popcorn!

  53. Gerald A Kulpa (Verified Purchase)

    After discovering your Popcorn I was Hooked the only problem was finding a store that carries it.I knew ordering it from the source was the only answer.Your popcorn is SO good,it was one of the presents I had for my better half and now we will have it to share for the upcoming 4 day weekend with some good movies to enjoy.We can hardly wait .Thanks again for the snack that’s the BEST you will EVER have the pleasure to enjoy rivaling your fondest memories of the perfect movie theater popcorn as you remember it.Popdaddy, expensive,but your worth it

  54. William Baldwin (Verified Purchase)

  55. Nicole Hakim Yohn (Verified Purchase)

    Tastes like I just made it fresh myself! Excellent!!!

  56. Michael Essig (Verified Purchase)

  57. Roger B. (Verified Purchase)

    Quick delivery of popcorn that is better than other store-bought, pre-popped popcorn. Simple ingredients, but clearly popped, packaged, and delivered with care

  58. Matthew (Verified Purchase)

    Haven’t received my product

  59. James Woods (Verified Purchase)

  60. Leah Ghiradella (Verified Purchase)

    Good thing my husband prefers the Kettle popcorn (which I do love)! This is all for me.

  61. Darlene W. (Verified Purchase)

    Love your original popcorn. But, we still haven’t received our Jan. 19th order. ☹️

  62. Marlene S. (Verified Purchase)

    Best popcorn ever

  63. Latasha T. (Verified Purchase)

    This is my favorite flavor! It has just enough salt and is so crunchy!

  64. Catherine Holloway (Verified Purchase)

    We ❤❤❤your popcorn!

  65. David Wilcox (Verified Purchase)

    Absolutely delicious!! 🙂

  66. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    The best!

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