Pop Daddy – Dill Pickle Seasoned Pretzels 7.5oz

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Pop Daddy – Dill Pickle Seasoned Pretzels 7.5oz

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Our Dill Pickle Pretzels combine the tangy vinegar with real dill seasonings. Creating pretzel sticks that are really big DILL (we couldn’t resist). These are a perfect tag along for any event where the snacking is high-priority. And if you are in the mood to continue your Dill Pickle adventures, Pop Daddy also carries Dill Pickle Popcorn as well.

Our Dill Pickle Pretzels combine the tangy vinegar with real dill seasonings. Creating pretzel sticks that are really big DILL (we couldn’t resist). These are a perfect tag along for any event where the snacking is high-priority. And if you are in the mood to continue your Dill Pickle adventures, Pop Daddy also carries Dill Pickle Popcorn as well.

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142 reviews for Pop Daddy – Dill Pickle Seasoned Pretzels 7.5oz

  1. James R. (Verified Purchase)

    These are amazing. They are the first snack that I had from Pop Daddy. These are the Genesis of my addiction

  2. Krisma (Verified Purchase)

    BEST PRETZELS EVER!!!! I can not stop eating them!

  3. Lindsey L. (Verified Purchase)

    Hands down the best pickle flavored snack out there

  4. Elizabeth Erdt (Verified Purchase)

  5. Nancy P. (Verified Purchase)

  6. Susan J. (Verified Purchase)

    Love Dill Pickles

  7. Antoinette (Verified Purchase)

    My favorite!

  8. Rebecca Rhodes (Verified Purchase)

  9. Laura L. (Verified Purchase)

    My second favorite

  10. Pamela (Verified Purchase)

  11. Hedwig Casperson (Verified Purchase)

    the best pretzels ever!!!!!!

  12. Ashlyn (Verified Purchase)

  13. Stacy G. (Verified Purchase)

    I enjoy this combo very much, I just wish there was a bit more of the seasoning on the pretzels or that is was a stronger flavor.

  14. Kimberly (Verified Purchase)

  15. Teresa (Verified Purchase)

    Haven’t tried this one yet, but given the flavors I’ve tried I’m sure I’ll love this one too!

  16. Angie Bowling (Verified Purchase)

    These unexpectedly delicious!!!

  17. Naomi D. (Verified Purchase)

  18. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  19. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  20. Genevra Hamilton (Verified Purchase)

  21. Shari (Verified Purchase)

  22. Judith (Verified Purchase)

    The other if my favorites

  23. Kristie (Verified Purchase)

  24. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Different and delicious.

  25. David S. (Verified Purchase)

  26. Jeanie (Verified Purchase)

    These just might be our favorite!!

  27. Jessica B. (Verified Purchase)

  28. Craig Olson (Verified Purchase)

  29. david branach (Verified Purchase)

    Everyone’s FAVORITE!!!!!

  30. Kathleen (Verified Purchase)

  31. Edward Erickson (Verified Purchase)

  32. Jadan Odom (Verified Purchase)

    These are my favorite preztels along with the yellow mustard and they’re reasonably priced.

  33. Debra (Verified Purchase)

  34. Maribeth B. (Verified Purchase)

  35. Andrew Rommann (Verified Purchase)

  36. Katie (Verified Purchase)

  37. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  38. Jim Ann Petroski (Verified Purchase)

  39. Randy Davis (Verified Purchase)

    My delivery had been showing as “Clearance Delay” for almost a week now and I have yet to get a clear understanding of why or what needs to happen to get my order actually delivered! It’s very frustrating and disappointing.

  40. ERIC M. (Verified Purchase)

  41. William G. (Verified Purchase)

  42. Michael (Verified Purchase)

    Great flavor.

  43. margie (Verified Purchase)

    teens enjoyed it, wanted more

  44. Susan P. (Verified Purchase)

    I love dill pickles and was curious to see if I would like these. I love them!

  45. Susan D Juchartz (Verified Purchase)

  46. LISA D. (Verified Purchase)

    LOVE IT!

  47. Rebecca M. (Verified Purchase)

    They are the best!

  48. Laura V. (Verified Purchase)

    LOVE!! Shared with friends who are addicted too!

  49. Tanya D. (Verified Purchase)

    Also amazing

  50. Derek (Verified Purchase)

  51. James (Verified Purchase)

  52. Briana L. (Verified Purchase)

  53. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  54. Mark Stillman (Verified Purchase)

  55. Julie (Verified Purchase)

    I LOVE the dill flavor. Just the right amount.

  56. Tina B. (Verified Purchase)

  57. Gena A. (Verified Purchase)


  58. Melissa (Verified Purchase)

  59. Kaitlyn Langston (Verified Purchase)

    Could finish the bag in one sitting

  60. Tiffany C. (Verified Purchase)

    *See above comment *

  61. Hedwig Casperson (Verified Purchase)

    the best pretzel ever

  62. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  63. Delta N. (Verified Purchase)

  64. Robin S. (Verified Purchase)

  65. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  66. Leigh T. (Verified Purchase)

    My absolute favorite. I may always have to have a bag of these in my pantry.

  67. Cynthia Gendron (Verified Purchase)

  68. Lindsay (Verified Purchase)

  69. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Haven’t tried these yet.

  70. Jacqueline Langston (Verified Purchase)


  71. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Love these so much!

  72. Heidi G. (Verified Purchase)

    Love my pop daddy pretzels

  73. Linda Woda (Verified Purchase)

    Dill has a Fantastic Flavor.

  74. Amanda G. (Verified Purchase)

  75. Tana (Verified Purchase)

    My favorite Dill Pickle snack ever! So addicting!

  76. Debra Claas (Verified Purchase)

  77. Hedwig Casperson (Verified Purchase)

  78. Amy (Verified Purchase)

    The dill flavor is amazing! Your only option is not eating them out of the bag. You could also break them up and put on top of potato soup. Put them in a food processor and use them to coat chicken breast, then use capers and lemon too. Soooo good!

  79. Holly M. (Verified Purchase)

  80. John Speer (Verified Purchase)

  81. John D. (Verified Purchase)

    Gift for daughter who loves pickles! We know she will lov them!

  82. Nonna R. (Verified Purchase)

    Minus the juice, it really does taste like you’re eating a pickle stuffed with pretzels.

  83. Kenneth Tomlin (Verified Purchase)

    Best pretzels in the country. If you haven’t tried them, you don’t know what you’re missing.

  84. Dean (Verified Purchase)

  85. Scott Brown (Verified Purchase)

  86. Vincent Davis (Verified Purchase)

    BEST DILL PICKLE PRETZELS EVER! From the first pretzel I knew these were something special. There is care and love in this bag.

  87. Bruce (Verified Purchase)

  88. Tara (Verified Purchase)

  89. Linda J. (Verified Purchase)

  90. Susan J. (Verified Purchase)

    My niece loves the dill pickles

  91. Debra C. (Verified Purchase)

    These are the Best pretzels! Love the dill flavor .. perfect seasoning

  92. Lynn B. (Verified Purchase)

  93. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  94. Jessica (Verified Purchase)

  95. Catherine Attara-Fink (Verified Purchase)

    Tangy and good.

  96. Lindsay Fast (Verified Purchase)

  97. TaKisha (Verified Purchase)

  98. William Baldwin (Verified Purchase)

  99. Kiana S. (Verified Purchase)

    One of my absolute favorites. It has such a good rich flavor that has a refreshing dill taste. It’s not bitter and sour like other dill flavor products. It’s one of the more stronger flavor pretzels but still absolutely delicious.

  100. M (Verified Purchase)

  101. Valary H. (Verified Purchase)

    Awesome flavor.

  102. Amber Miller (Verified Purchase)

  103. kathleen J. (Verified Purchase)

  104. Michelle J. (Verified Purchase)

  105. Craig Sabran (Verified Purchase)

  106. Kaydin Michaels (Verified Purchase)

  107. Debra Kazanjian (Verified Purchase)

    Ditto above

  108. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    honestly was excited most abt these and i felt like they didn’t taste like pickles had a specific taste but couldn’t figure out what it was

  109. Darby R. (Verified Purchase)


  110. Ellen Hassinger (Verified Purchase)

    We all really like this one a keeper for sure!!!!

  111. Mary S. (Verified Purchase)

  112. Tami Vaughn (Verified Purchase)

    These are my daughters fave. She bought a bag to try and she’s saving up to buy another big box!!!

  113. Lori D. (Verified Purchase)

    Love them

  114. Stephanie (Verified Purchase)

  115. Eugenia (Verified Purchase)


  116. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    I haven’t received them yet

  117. William B. (Verified Purchase)

    Good taste

  118. Josh D. (Verified Purchase)

  119. Tara A. (Verified Purchase)

    FB review attached above

  120. Cecelia (Verified Purchase)

  121. Susan (Verified Purchase)

  122. Lindsay Schnobrich (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing!!! Gave such a pop of dill right away.

  123. Terri G. (Verified Purchase)

    Absolutely delicious!!

  124. Leah Ghiradella (Verified Purchase)

  125. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  126. Loretta (Verified Purchase)

    As expected – pretty good

  127. Paige Durante (Verified Purchase)

  128. Dawn Winkenwerder (Verified Purchase)

  129. Shawn Savage (Verified Purchase)

  130. Joy (Verified Purchase)

  131. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  132. FRANCO DIACO (Verified Purchase)

    The best

  133. Lindsay Z. (Verified Purchase)

    Unbelievable pickle flavor!!

  134. Beth L. (Verified Purchase)

  135. Jennifer (Verified Purchase)

    Haven’t tried yet.

  136. Eliza (Verified Purchase)

    I love dill pickles, this one just ain’t for me. The flavor hits like right in the front of the mouth and it’s a little overwhelming. Changing reveiw from a 3 to a 4. Definitely eat after a smoke session. Flavor still a little much, but clearly this far into the reveiw you know I’m picky.

    BB 08124 lot:01624 1b

  137. Amy Scott (Verified Purchase)

    I love dill pickle and these were exactly what I was hoping it would be definitely ordering again

  138. Ashley B. (Verified Purchase)

    Be careful, these are additive. =)

  139. Sandy Antonelli (Verified Purchase)

  140. Amy L. (Verified Purchase)

    best I’ve ever had

  141. Jamie Dershem (Verified Purchase)

    My favorite pretzel I have ever had. Amazing flavor.

  142. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

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