Pop Daddy – Cinnamon Sugar Seasoned Pretzels 7.5oz

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Pop Daddy – Cinnamon Sugar Seasoned Pretzels 7.5oz

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Sugar and spice and everything nice! This classic combination has been compared to a donut in the appearance of a pretzel. A DONUT, friends! In the form of a pretzel in a bag that can be served anytime and any place. It doesn’t get much sweeter than this. Literally.

Sugar and spice and everything nice! This classic combination has been compared to a donut in the appearance of a pretzel. A DONUT, friends! In the form of a pretzel in a bag that can be served anytime and any place. It doesn’t get much sweeter than this. Literally.

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168 reviews for Pop Daddy – Cinnamon Sugar Seasoned Pretzels 7.5oz

  1. Diana Rinderknecht

    Theseare fantastic, I’m not a huge pretzel lover but these are so fresh and you can tell the cinnamon is high quality. 10/10

  2. Diana Rinderknecht

    These are fantastic, I’m not a huge pretzel lover but these are so fresh and you can tell the cinnamon is high quality. 10/10

  3. Megan

    STAY AWAY FROM THESE PRETZELS!! They are highly addictive, and you’ll just want to buy more and more. Take it from me, don’t even try them. Plus, if you don’t buy them it just leaves more for me! If you do decide to buy them, I suggest buying more than one bag at a time, either that or don’t share them with anyone…they’ll just want more!

  4. Shonda Marie

    Another Hit! These as well as the Maple Brown Butter are Absolutely Delicious And Addictive! I’m a Potato chip kind of Girl, but I would choose these Pretzel ONLY instead of chips any day!

  5. James R. (Verified Purchase)

    Great alternative when I’m not feeling savory and my sweet tooth comes calling.

  6. Lindsey L. (Verified Purchase)

  7. Nancy P. (Verified Purchase)

  8. Susan J. (Verified Purchase)

    Love the sugary flavor with the salty flavors

  9. Thomas Ferguson (Verified Purchase)

  10. Alan (Verified Purchase)

    Lots of cinnamon and sugar. They don’t skimp on the flavor.

  11. Rebecca Rhodes (Verified Purchase)

  12. Laura L. (Verified Purchase)

    Great flavor.

  13. Pamela (Verified Purchase)

    I got these for my niece and she couldn’t get enough of them!

  14. Ashlyn (Verified Purchase)

  15. Stacy G. (Verified Purchase)

    Great flavor combination, sweet and salty! One of my favorites!

  16. Kimberly (Verified Purchase)

  17. Marilyn H. (Verified Purchase)

  18. Kim Craig (Verified Purchase)

  19. Courtney Bingert (Verified Purchase)

  20. Savannah Waldrop (Verified Purchase)

  21. Naomi D. (Verified Purchase)

  22. Stacy H. (Verified Purchase)

    Never received my order

  23. Kim (Verified Purchase)


  24. Shari (Verified Purchase)

  25. Nicole B. (Verified Purchase)

    The perfect sweet treat. A little messy, but always delicious.

  26. Joyce B. (Verified Purchase)

    Cinnamon sugar is my husband’s absolute favorite. You can smell the cinnamon as soon as you open the bag and the taste is spot on. If I didn’t hide them, he would easily go through a bag or two a day. When we don’t have them, he is not a happy camper. When we have get togethers, I usually keep a bag separate as an appetizer to eat with caramel apple dip, cheddar cheese bites and fruit. We run out of these pretzels pretty quickly in our home.

  27. Meagan D. (Verified Purchase)

  28. David S. (Verified Purchase)

  29. Jeanie (Verified Purchase)

    These are great for a dessert pretzel! We don’t normally keep desserts in the house so these hit the spot.

  30. Jill B. (Verified Purchase)

  31. Jessica B. (Verified Purchase)

  32. Craig Olson (Verified Purchase)

  33. Edward Erickson (Verified Purchase)

  34. Jadan Odom (Verified Purchase)

  35. Andrew Rommann (Verified Purchase)

  36. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  37. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  38. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  39. Jim Ann Petroski (Verified Purchase)

  40. ERIC M. (Verified Purchase)

  41. margie (Verified Purchase)

    loved the cinnamon taste , yummy

  42. Susan D Juchartz (Verified Purchase)

  43. LISA D. (Verified Purchase)


  44. Rico Potts (Verified Purchase)

  45. Samantha W. (Verified Purchase)

    Exactly what you would expect a cinnamon sugar snack to taste like. The cinnamon sugar sticks really well to the pretzel. My kids really like them.

  46. Jennifer Orr (Verified Purchase)

  47. Rico Potts (Verified Purchase)

  48. Beth (Verified Purchase)

  49. Terri W. (Verified Purchase)

  50. Ron Scott (Verified Purchase)

  51. Taylor L. (Verified Purchase)

  52. Melody S. (Verified Purchase)

    my kids devour them!

  53. Gayle Trevithick (Verified Purchase)

  54. Laura G. (Verified Purchase)

    Much better than all the competitors and trust me I spent $12 for a small can and will never do again because these by far had superior taste and the thin stix keep the pretzel from being overly dry like the $12 cans I ordered that are shown on TV… not naming names

  55. Amanda H. (Verified Purchase)

  56. Melissa (Verified Purchase)

    Tastes like the cinnamon sugar toast I used to have a kid!

  57. Kaitlyn Langston (Verified Purchase)

    Flavor is great! Super messy to eat but def worth it

  58. William B. (Verified Purchase)

    Great taste

  59. Lisa W. (Verified Purchase)

  60. Jayme Mundy (Verified Purchase)

  61. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  62. Delta N. (Verified Purchase)

  63. Melissa (Verified Purchase)

  64. Robin S. (Verified Purchase)

  65. Tracy Brown (Verified Purchase)

  66. Cynthia Gendron (Verified Purchase)

  67. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  68. Lindsay (Verified Purchase)

  69. Jacqueline Langston (Verified Purchase)

    Love this product

  70. Shirley P. (Verified Purchase)

  71. Janiece LeVeck (Verified Purchase)


  72. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Very tasty, my preference would be for a bit more cinnamon kick but they are very good!

  73. Kangi (Verified Purchase)

  74. Heidi G. (Verified Purchase)

    Love my pop daddy pretzels

  75. Janet Corlett-Payne (Verified Purchase)

    FRIST time trying

  76. Nancy Smith (Verified Purchase)

  77. John Hudak (Verified Purchase)

  78. Kimberly Z. (Verified Purchase)

    Sweet and salty deliciousness

  79. Amy (Verified Purchase)

    Cinnamon sugar flavor is fantastic. You could actually break them up and toss them in some oatmeal. Totally addicting.

  80. Beth Ann Choate (Verified Purchase)


  81. Gail (Verified Purchase)

    Another great flavor, a wonderful sweet treat! I’d like a bit more cinnamon sugar, I’m a sweet tooth!

  82. John D. (Verified Purchase)

    Extra special!

  83. Nonna R. (Verified Purchase)

    Lots of cinnamon, and not too much sugar. Just yummy!

  84. Michael Bone (Verified Purchase)

  85. Scott Brown (Verified Purchase)

  86. Bruce (Verified Purchase)

  87. Tara (Verified Purchase)

  88. Linda J. (Verified Purchase)

    These are incredibly delicious and a real treat!

  89. Susan J. (Verified Purchase)

    My husband loves the Cinnamon Sugar pretzels

  90. Lisa (Verified Purchase)

  91. Lynn B. (Verified Purchase)

  92. Daniel R. (Verified Purchase)

    These I tried for the first time and they are so good. The sweetness is perfect.

  93. Kristin Cottrell (Verified Purchase)

  94. Susan W. (Verified Purchase)

  95. Catherine Attara-Fink (Verified Purchase)


  96. Stephen Wood (Verified Purchase)

  97. Stephen Wood (Verified Purchase)

  98. Lindsay Fast (Verified Purchase)

  99. bernice (Verified Purchase)

  100. Holly A. (Verified Purchase)

    Delicious! Should’ve ordered more!

  101. William Baldwin (Verified Purchase)

  102. MEGHAN H. (Verified Purchase)

    The kids favorite!

  103. M (Verified Purchase)

  104. MARIE BAUMGART (Verified Purchase)

    Gift. Don’t know if delivered

  105. Joe Godfrey (Verified Purchase)


  106. Linda (Verified Purchase)

    Good to calm a sweet craving .

  107. Kathryn Young (Verified Purchase)

    MY FAVORITE!!!! Sooo good! Perfect amount of sugar and cinnamon for a quick sweet craving and just a tad of salt that helps it shine in your mouth. These would be the perfect topping for a dessert. Who would have thought??!! Will buy again

  108. Amber Miller (Verified Purchase)

  109. Michelle J. (Verified Purchase)

  110. Nicole Hakim Yohn (Verified Purchase)

    I love, love, love cinnamon and sugar on toast, cinnamon rolls, and soft pretzels! I cannot believe I can have it on a crunchy pretzel too! The best part? The flavor stays on the pretzel and doesn’t flake off and fall all over. All that deliciousness ends up in your mouth!!!

  111. Craig Sabran (Verified Purchase)

  112. Kaydin Michaels (Verified Purchase)

  113. Hunter Mueggenborg (Verified Purchase)

  114. Virginia (Verified Purchase)

    Fantastic! Just the right amount of sugar and salt.

  115. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)


  116. Aidan Thadeu (Verified Purchase)

  117. Mike L. (Verified Purchase)

  118. Chloe (Verified Purchase)

  119. Nicholas King (Verified Purchase)

    Favorite flavor so far. Wasn’t sure I’d like a sweet pretzel when I got the sample bag but instantly knew I’d get this again.

  120. Tami Vaughn (Verified Purchase)

    Love the sweet sugarness of these

  121. Stephanie (Verified Purchase)

  122. Virginia (Verified Purchase)

    The cinnamon sugar pretzel sticks are FANTASTIC!! Just the right amount of cinnamon, sugar and salt.

  123. Rylee G. (Verified Purchase)


  124. Nonna R. (Verified Purchase)

  125. David F. (Verified Purchase)

    Their Pretzels are awesome. Bought a package at a small retail store while traveling and when I got home I looked them up online to buy more.

  126. Elaine Conte (Verified Purchase)

  127. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  128. Stephen (Verified Purchase)

  129. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  130. Eric W. (Verified Purchase)

    These are very good…my daughter and I enjoyed them and even spoke about them on our podcast!

  131. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  132. jamie t. (Verified Purchase)

  133. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Still waiting for them

  134. Virginia (Verified Purchase)

    The Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels are beyond belief. I absolutely love them.

  135. Tara A. (Verified Purchase)

    FB review attached above

  136. Briana (Verified Purchase)

    Super yummy but that’s what I expected from these. They lived up to my expectations.

  137. Tyler H. (Verified Purchase)

  138. Susan (Verified Purchase)

  139. Susan P. (Verified Purchase)

  140. Kathleen (Verified Purchase)

  141. Monta Ellis (Verified Purchase)

  142. Owen B. (Verified Purchase)

  143. Dani (Verified Purchase)

    Very delicious

  144. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)


  145. Paige Durante (Verified Purchase)

  146. Carrie C. (Verified Purchase)

  147. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  148. Marcia K Langellier (Verified Purchase)


  149. Theresa (Verified Purchase)

  150. Joy (Verified Purchase)

  151. Jennifer L. (Verified Purchase)

    I wish the sticks were slightly thicker

  152. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  153. Henry Collins (Verified Purchase)

    Very good

  154. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  155. Renee G. (Verified Purchase)

  156. Beth L. (Verified Purchase)

  157. Jennifer (Verified Purchase)

    Don’t know if these can be improved. Fantastic! Family favorite!

  158. Eliza (Verified Purchase)

    There’s clearly a trend that I like the sweet ones. Solid. Perfection. Lowkey wish you guys made soft pretzel bites with this. Bought 2 bags

    Bb:082624 lot:02924 1035

  159. Antonio (Verified Purchase)

  160. Beth McGhee (Verified Purchase)

  161. Kristy D. (Verified Purchase)

    Never received

  162. Joseph Godfrey (Verified Purchase)

  163. Ashley B. (Verified Purchase)

    So good!

  164. Sandy Antonelli (Verified Purchase)

  165. Heather Hodge (Verified Purchase)

  166. ShaNiqua T. (Verified Purchase)

    They are delicious.

  167. Alora Lupo (Verified Purchase)

  168. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

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